My parent died and I do not have entitled for orphan´s annuity

If a child´s parent died and the child isn´t entitled to the orphan´s annuity, the child´s parent can apply for substitute child´s allowance at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family according to the child´s permanent address.

Only the child´s parent can apply for substitute child´s allowance instead of the orphan´s annuity, even in case of an adult child preparing himself for the future occupation on continuous basis.  

 Child is entitled to substitute child´s allowance in the following cases:

-          he is not entitled to the orphan´s annuity or orphan´s retirement pension or the sum of the orphan´s annuity and orphan´s retirement pension is lower than the sum of minimum maintenance determined by the Slovak Family Act. 

-          he attends mandatory school education on regular basis, if applicable

-         he has permanent address and stays in the territory of the Slovak Republic except for the case when an entitled person stays abroad because of studying there, 

-          average monthly income of the applicant and persons, whose income is assessed jointly for the last 6 calendar months preceding the calendar month in which the application for substitute child´s allowance was filed, doesn´t exceed 2,2-times the alimony minimum, 

Substitute child´s allowance is provide in amount of the alimony minimum (30 % of the alimony minimum per a dependent child, i.e. Eur 27,13), provided that the entitled person is not entitled to orphan´s annuity or orphan´s retirement annuity; or in amount of the difference between the alimony minimum and the orphan´s annuity.


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