I want to adopt a child

Information related to child adoption opportunities can be obtained by all citizens being interested in child adoption at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (OLSA&F)

Physical individual interested in the substitute parental care (SPC – adoption) shall file application for entering in the list of applicants at the competent OLSA&F in the region of the applicant´s permanent address. The applicant shall attach the application with:

- questionnaire that is available at any OLSA&F or here

- applicant´s Health Report

- document proving the applicant’s proprietary conditions (e.g. confirmation of income).

The file of a physical individual interested in SPC – adoption shall furthermore contain:

 - record of the Criminal Register

- report on habitation, family and social conditions of the applicant for SPC

- municipality statement on the living style of the applicant for SPC.


The Offices of Labor, Social Matters and Family SR or accredited subjects are in charge of preparation of the applicant for SPC. The applicant has right to choose a subject that will prepare him to SPC and to conclude the Preparation Contract with the subject. A special team shall establish the subject performing preparation to SPC.

SPC preparation extent refers to at least 26 hours.  

SPC preparation form – individual, group or combination of both.

After completion of SPC preparation, the subject performing the preparation shall prepare the SPC Preparation Final Report that will serve as the ground for decision on entering a person in the List of SPC Applicants. Physical individual interested in SPC shall be acquainted with the SPC Preparation Final Report wording. Competent OLSA&F shall decide on entering a person interested in SPC in the List of SPC Applicants through issued decision.

Applicant can be included in the process of mediation of personal contact with the child to be adopted after issuance of the decision on entering the person in the List of SPC Applicants. 

OLSA&F shall mediate personal contact with a child and SPC applicant. Entering the applicant in the mediation process, the order of applicants entered in the List of Applicants is taken in account. The court shall decide on entrustment of a child in the future adoptive parents´ care and then on the child adoption on basis of the proposal filed by the applicant/s.


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