Divorce of parents (separation of parents)

Do you intend to divorce/ separate with your partner?  

Consulting psychologist can help you to decide. Within the individual or pair consultation process, you can reach decision in safe and trusted environment together with a specialist:   

-         whether your current relationship has any chances and what is necessary to do to improve the relationship so as you will be happy in it both as parents and partners,

-         what can you do together with your partner to save the relationship and how to do it.  

If you decide to remain in the marriage, the psychologist can help you to solve your relationship issues, partner conflicts and misunderstandings. Specialist can help the partners to better overcome daily marriage and parental challenges, pleasures and tortures, to improve the partners´ communication and their mutual understanding.

If you decide to divorce or separate each from other, consulting psychologist can help you with your feelings and thoughts associated with divorce or separation, to overcome your uncertainty and fear, anger or sadness associated with the loss, seeking the new life opportunities together with you and accompanying you in the search for the hope and sources that will make easier your feelings you can encounter after the divorce or separation.

Marriage is divorced by court upon proposal of any of the spouses if the relationship between the spouses is such seriously disturbed that the marriage is not able to fulfill its purpose anymore.

            In case of divorce of an under-aged child parents, the divorce verdict includes regulation of discharge of the parental rights and obligations towards under-aged children after the divorce.  

In the verdict, the court shall determine to whose personal care the under-aged child will be entrusted, who will represent the child and administer his estate. The other parent will be ordered with maintenance / alimony payment or the court shall approve agreement of parents on the alimony amount. Eventually, the court can entrust the child in shared personal care of both parents, if it is in the child´s interest.

If both parents agree on the way of contacts with the child, such agreement will become an integral part of the Divorce Verdict.   

If both parents fail to agree on the way of contacts with the child after the divorce, the court shall regulate the way of contacts with under-aged child in the Divorce Verdict.  

 Do you divorce?

If the spouses are in the process of divorce, consulting psychologist can help in the following cases:

-          the Court recommended a psychologist who should find out whether the marriage can be saved

-          some of the spouses wishes to discuss psychological consequences of the divorce decision 

-          the spouses´ way of thinking / feeling have caused suffering, bad feelings or concerns on themselves/ the relatives

-          the spouses wish to identify what to do, how to talk with the divorcing partner about the common topics (living, children raising, meeting broader family circles, common estate....)

-         the spouses need to identify what their children need, how they feel and how the psychologist could help them to affect the children by the divorce as little as possible.


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