EURES stands for the EURopean Employment Services aimed to facilitate free labor force movement within the European Economic Room (EER – EU countries plus Island, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
EURES consists of public employment services of EU countries and the staff consists of trained EURES advisors and assistants. In Slovakia, you can find EURES at 46 Offices of Labor, Social Matters and Family.

EURES services are provided to:  

a)      wide public

b)     recorded job seekers and applicants,

EURES advisors and assistants are helpful at mediation of employment based on job offers published on the national website and on EU portal EURES Most important task of the EURES staff is to help with allocation of job seekers to vacancies within EU/EER countries and Switzerland and information provision on life and work conditions in these countries. EURES organizes also recruitment interviews for the foreign employers where selected applicants for job are invited to.

EURES advisors can help with selection of job and preparation of CV / job interview. Furthermore, they can provide information about labor market in particular EU/EER countries, provide advice in the area of social security and health insurance, labor law, income taxation, make the job seekers aware of important things not to be forgotten when leaving/ returning to Slovakia or how to proceed in case of lost job in other EU member country. 

c)      employers

EURES provides information about EU labor markets and legislation applicable to foreign nationals´ employment. EURES helps with publishing vacancy offers on EU and national EURES portals, with recruitment of EU employees and organization of recruitment proceedings.

In case of foreign employer interested in Slovak labor force, EURES shall locate vacancy offer on the national website, can organize recruitment proceedings for the employer based on the agreed requirements, in the form of personal, phone or SKYPE interview. 

d)     students

EURES provides consultations on study selection in EU/ EER countries and acceptation of acquired education degree, on selection of future occupation, on enterprise terms; information on the social security, health insurance and labor-legal relations.

EURES network activity is methodically controlled by the European Committee (EC). The national network follows the activity plan in particular budgetary period. EURES organizes job fair on annual basis upon participation of foreign employers and EURES partners as well as job fairs for target groups of job seekers. Regional job, information and enterprise fairs are organized by national EURES network and cross-border partnerships EURES-T Danubius and EURES-T Beskydy. In cooperation with the students, EURES arranges for periodical visits at elementary schools, high schools and colleges. On EU level, EURES advisors attend foreign job fairs and organize hiring projects in cooperation with EURES advisors from EU/ EER countries with demand for our employees, in order to ensure most jobs for Slovak citizens.  

EURES also deals with publishing activities, publishing information flyers about life and work conditions in EU/ EER countries, brochures intended to job seekers, students and employers, annual Activity Report on the performed activities and the magazine EURES NEWS about successful stories of its clients and useful advices/ information.  

On the national website , the clients can find the DB of vacancies in EU/ EER countries/ Switzerland and information about prepared events/ recruitment interviews. On the website, they can also find important information about life and work conditions, study and social security in EU/ EER countries. They can register their CVs and obtain vacancy offers via SMS. If a client needs individual consultations, he/she can ask questions to EURES advisors in the section „Ask EURES advisor“.

The website employer section contains the terms of foreign citizens employment, principles of cooperation with network EURES and staff hiring procedure.

The website as well contains contacts on EURES advisors and assistants in whole Slovakia and Europe.




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