Person interested in job

If a citizen seeks other job or is interested in provision of professional consultation services and services related to education and preparation for labor market and is not a job seeker, he/ she can become a person interested in job on basis of filed application for mediation of suitable job for him/her (hereinafter he/him/ his for all genders).  

Application can be filed at any Office/ s of Labor, Social Matters and Family in the Slovak Republic (hereinafter the “Office”).  

Citizen is not obliged to turn out at the Office. The Office clerk shall provide information to the citizen via phone call, e-mail, post on job opportunities and methods of seeking vacancies, as well as information on possibilities of education and preparation for labor market and provision of professional consultation services.

Citizen can visit the Information- Consultation Center at the Office where he can find information on labor market in printed or electronic form. The Center offers free-of-charge Internet access and information seeking in the portals publishing the vacancies. Furthermore, he can browse the database of job offers of the Offices and search for job in abroad thanks to the international project EURES.

Citizen can prepare and print out materials required for job seeking – application, CV; or to ask a specialist who will provide individual assistance to him. 


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