Person with severe health disability dependent on the help of others

For purposes of this Act, person with serious health disablement depends on assistance of other physical individual if he depends on personal assistance, nursing or social services based on the Social Service Act (e.g. nursing service).

Application for nursing benefit award is available here in case of the applicant who doesn´t receive pension or retirement pension allowances and here in case of the applicant who receives pension or retirement pension allowances and shall be filed in person at the competent Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family SR according to permanent address of the person applying for nursing benefit award. The application shall be filed by person providing nursing services and substantiated by the person.

Application for financial benefit for personal assistance shall be filed by a person with serious health disablement.

Nursing service

Nursing service refers to a social service provided to a physical individual depending on assistance of other physical individual; whose dependency degree refers to at least II. pursuant to the Enclosure No. 3 and who depends on assistance at self-service acts, household care and basic social activities as specified in the Enclosure No. 4 of the Act No. 448/2008 Coll.  Nursing services are provided for by the municipalities.  


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