My child is less than three and I am going to work

If a „child care provider“ takes care of a child younger than 3 years of age or 6 years of age with long-term unfavorable health condition, provider of the child care can be:

  • Facility established for such purpose (nursery, kindergarten)
  • Other legal entity,
  • Physical entity providing childcare on basis of trade license,
  • Other physical entity providing childcare not on basis of trade license  (e.g. the child´s grandparent),
  • Parent performing earning activity and providing the care to the child in person.

The allowance can be claimed by a parent or person whose care the child has been entrusted in based on valid court decision. 

The allowance will be provided to the parent only if he performs earning activity and is subject to mandatory public annuity insurance scheme.

The allowance is provided to the childcare provider in amount of proved expenses but in max. amount Eur 230,- per a month.

Childcare provider can also refer to one of the child parents or other physical entity not providing the childcare on basis of trade license (e.g. child´s grandparent). In such case, child allowance will refer to Eur 41,10.

 The application form for the child allowance is available here [ PDF].


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