Mass lay-offs

Mass lay-offs occur when the employer or its part terminates labor contract upon the notice for reasons stated in § 63 clause 1 item a) and b) of Labor Code or in other way for reason other than related to the employee during 30 days with at least:

  • 10 employees at the employer with staff headcount within 20 – 100 (namely from 21 to 99),  
  • 10 % of employees of total employee headcount at the employer with staff headcount within 100 – 300 (namely from 100 to 299) (result is not rounded up/down in percentage calculation, i.e. if there are 9,9% of employees of total headcount, it will not be considered mass lay-offs),
  • 30 employees at the employer with staff headcount at least 300 (namely from 300 employees).  

In case of mass lay-offs, the employer is obliged to:

  • Discuss the measures aimed to prevent from/ restrict employee mass lay-offs with employee representatives at the latest one month prior to mass lay-offs commencement; but first of all to discuss opportunity of their relocation to other suitable positions after preceding preparation, 
  • Provide all required/ written information to the employee representatives, mainly about:

         -  Mass lay-offs reasons,

         -  Headcount and structure of the employees subject to mass lay-offs,  

         -  Total headcount and structure of the employees,

         -  Period of mass lay-offs,

         -  Criterions of selection of the employees to be subject to mass lay-offs,

  • The employer shall deliver the copy of this written information to the Office together with the names, surnames and permanent addresses of the employees to be subject to mass lay-offs,
  • The employer shall discuss mass lay-offs with the employee representatives (the Unions) and to submit written information on the results of discussion to the Office and the Unions who will be allowed to present annotations thereto.

The employer can commence with mass lay-offs at the earliest upon lapsed one month from the day of delivered written information on discussed mass lay-offs with the employee representatives. The employer can require at the Office for reduction of the period, the Office shall consider all the facts and eventual objections of the employee representatives as well as possible consequences on the labor market situation and eventually reduces the monthly period. The Office shall inform the employer in written on reduced period. 

Mass lay-offs shall not apply to:

  • Termination of labor contract concluded for limited period upon lapsed period,
  • Ship crew members cruising under the Slovak state flag,
  • The state employees,
  • Soldiers.


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