Employer is a legal entity with its/ its organizational unit´s registered office in territory of the Slovak Republic; or a physical entity with permanent stay in the Slovak Republic, employing an individual upon labor contract or similar labor relation.

Employer is understood as well as an:

  • organizational unit of a foreign legal entity or physical entity with labor-legal subject status, having license to make business in territory of the Slovak Republic
  • legal/ physical entity providing for paid job mediation, temporary employment, supported employment, provision of professional consultations, education and preparation to labor market of job seekers, persons interested in job and employees in territory of the Slovak Republic
  • legal/ physical entity other than employer willing to conclude labor contract/ similar labor relation with an individual and thus requiring provision of information/ consultation services for purpose of employee selection.

Employer shall not publish job offers containing any restrictions or discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, age, language, religion and belief, health disablement, political or other affiliation, affiliation to the Unions, national or social origin, affiliation to national or ethnic group, property, family line, marital and family status. 

Selecting an employee, employer shall not require information related to nationality, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership in the Unions, religion, sexual orientation, information contradictory to good morale and personal, data not necessary to fulfillment of the employer´s duties.

If employer requires any data from a person, he is obliged to prove urgent importance of such data upon the person´s request. 

Employee selection criterions must guarantee equal opportunities to all persons/ citizens.

If the employer has a vacancy (newly created or existing vacancy), he can report on it to the Office of Labor, Social Matters and Family in various manners: in person to the Office staff – job agents or by phone, fax or via e-mail through web portal:

Vacancy reporting form is available on the web portal:


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