Who is eligible to register with the Office?

Registration with the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (hereinafter referred to as  "the Office") is voluntary; the citizen is not statutorily obligated to be on the Jobseekers Register at the Office of LSAF but, as a voluntarily unemployed person,  is obliged to pay his/her health insurance.

A citizen who is able to work, available for work and actively looking for work can be registered at the Office.

When filing a citizen in the Jobseekers Register it is established whether the citizen:

  • is not a natural person (under the Labour Code), or  a legal person in an employment relationship, or in an equivalent employment relation (for example, under the Commercial Code),
  • does not operate or engage in self-employment,
  • does not carry out gainful activity  in a Member State of the EU or abroad,
  • carries out gainful activity for which the wage or remuneration does not exceed the prescribed amount of  143,40 €. (The job seeker supplies the facts on the amount of wages or remuneration from gainful activity at regular monthly intervals, always for the preceding calendar month, at a date to be set by the Office employee; if the amount of wages or remuneration for carrying out gainful employment exceeds the amount of 143,40 €, the job seeker shall be removed from the register).

A citizen of the EU cannot be filed in the Jobseekers Register, where he or she:

  • is  pursuing compulsory school attendance, namely until the end of the academic year in which he or she reaches 16 years of age,
  • is in continuous preparation for a vocation,
  • is temporarily incapacitated for work,
  • is entitled to maternity allowance,
  • has been awarded old-age pension,  or is  a citizen who has been awarded invalidity pension and has reached the age required for entitlement to  old-age pension,
  • has been removed from the Jobseekers Register at his/her own request,  or for non-cooperation  with the Office - as a sanction for the duration of  3 months,
  • has discontinued the operations or the engagement in self-employment,  for which the Office provided a contribution, before the completion of 2 years from the start of the operations or engagement in self-employment,
  • engages in self-employment in respect of which the wages or remuneration exceed  the prescribed amount of  143,40 € .  

If a citizen of the EU resolves that he or she wishes to be registered in the Jobseekers Register at the Office after termination of employment, he/she has to file an application for registration in the Jobseekers Register in the place of his/her permanent residence. The citizen can receive (the application form for registration  directly at the Office).



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