I want to become a professional parent

Professional family – organizational part of the orphanage/ crisis center

Professional parent – orphanage/ crisis center employee (labor-legal relation)

Work duties of professional parent – 24- hour care of a child/ren in the professional parents` home environment (detached house or flat).

Conditions – qualification precondition (min. high school) and passed preparation to professional provision of substitute care.

Orphanage/ crisis center must have a professional parent vacancy. Most suitable candidate for an employee – professional parent is chosen..

Preparation – 60/ 40 hours at the Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family or at accredited subject (Návrat,  Spoločnosť priateľov detí z detských domovov Úsmev ako dar,  Miesto pod slnkom, Kľúč)

Applicant for professional parent position will be admitted to work after successful passing of the tender. Tender will be announced by orphanage director. The tender consists of three parts: diagnostics provided through psychological tests, personal interview and visit of the applicant in his/her (hereinafter he, his, him, etc.) home environment. 


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