l have terminated my employment , what should I do ?

Registration with the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family  (hereinafter referred to as  "the Office") is voluntary; the citizen is not statutorily obliged to be on the Jobseekers Register of the Office but, as a voluntarily unemployed person, is obliged to pay his or her health insurance. 

Where a EU citizen wishes to register with the Office, he or she has to file in person the application for registration in the Jobseekers Register of the Office in the territorial district of his or her place of permanent residence, (the application form for registration  is available directly from the Office).

If the EU citizen files for registration as a job seeker within 7 calendar days    after termination of the employment relationship, he/she will be registered   from the day following the termination of employment (see registration requirements ). If the citizen files the application for registration upon the expiry of 7 calendar days from the date of the termination of employment, he/she will be entered in the register from the date of his/her personal submission of the application.  

A citizen of the EU who files for registration in the Jobseekers Register shall supply to the Office the following documents with his/her application:

  • a valid identity document,
  • a copy of the document of the termination of  employment relationship,
  • a copy of the certificate of the duration of employment,
  • a copy of the document testifying to the highest education received  /the  general certificate of secondary education, the degree/ .

In filing the application the Office employee shall provide the citizen with the information on  registration requirements at the Office and on the rise of entitlement to the unemployment benefit  while advising  him/her that the award and payment of the benefit is in the competence of the Social Insurance Agency, i.e.,  that  job seeker   submits the application and the documents  necessary for the  assessment of the rise of entitlement to unemployment benefit to the territorially competent branch of the Social Insurance Agency. The forms necessary for the unemployment benefit claim can be collected at the Office. 

The Office shall provide the job seeker with:

  • the information on  job vacancies and on options of job search available  (the employment service is free of charge);
  • information and counselling services (career advice,  selecting a job and the employee's  adaptation to a new job);
  • professional counselling services  (drawing up the individual action plan, individual and group counselling);
  • active labour market measures (training and preparation for the labour market and  allowances, such as allowance  for self-employment, allowance for moving place in search of work,  transport allowance to employment ...).

There are rights and also certain obligations  that  follow out of the registration of the EU citizen in the Jobseekers Register of  the Office.  

If the job seeker is sick and cannot come to the Office, he/she is obliged to notify this fact to the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family  (in person, by phone, by mail...) and subsequently have the certificate of temporary incapacity for work issued. The job seeker shall supply the start of the temporary incapacity for work within 3 days of the issue date; the termination thereof shall be supplied in person   on the working day following the termination of temporary incapacity for work. 

If the jobseeker supplies the certificate of temporary incapacity for work, he/she shall not be required to demonstrate job search and come to the Office for fixed contacts.


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