How can I obtain card or parking card

Request of a card for individual with severe health disabilities, Request of a card for individual with severe health disabilities with escort or parking card (hereinafter the „Card“) shall be filed at the Office of Labor, Social Matters and Family SR, Department of Examination Activities competent according to the person´s permanent address. If the physical individual´s permanent address is outside Slovakia and temporary address is in Slovakia, the person shall apply for the Card issuance in the location of his temporary address.  

In case of under-aged child, application shall be filed by parent or physical individual to whose care the child has been entrusted on basis of the court decision. If the physical individual is unable to file the application himself because of his health condition, the application shall be filed in his name and upon his consent by other physical individual eligible to perform legal acts, based on confirmation of the physical individual health condition issued by physician specialized in the area of general medicine or pediatrics, providing general outpatient´s medicare to children and adolescents.   

To the request for issuance card should be attached the latest "Medical Findings“, filled in by the physician and with medical findings from special medical examinations. Upon call by the competent authority, the physical entity is obliged to submit also other documents supporting the decision. If the physical individual is interested in personal pickup of the application form and the Medical Findings form, he can do it at the competent office where also professional consultations can be provided to him. 


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